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Armando Lopes Pereira and Maria Bertina Branca Calado Pereira started a company called Transportes Armando Pereira with the aim of providing the transport of vegetables from the rural village of Valado dos Frades to the wholesale market of Lisbon.


The company Transportes Armando Pereira has its name changed into Transportes Rodoviários de Mercadorias do Valado, Lda. This name has remained the same until today. From this date on, and because the partners so decided, with only two TIR vehicles, the company started to devote itself exclusively to the international transport of goods.


The company now has 10 heavy goods vehicles.


The company already has 12 heavy goods vehicles. Because of this, the partners decided to acquire a new space to allow an adequate response to ever more demanding customers. This new space allows us, nowadays, to make sure that the whole fleet maintenance is made in the best possible way. From 1986 to 2002 there were constant fleet renewals to ensure an average age of around 4 years.


The company decided for the construction of a new warehouse in order to be able to supply storage of general goods. From 2008 to today, and in spite of the severe crisis that shook the transport of goods sector, the partners opted for increasing their fleet to a total of 27 vehicles.